Lifetime Warranty On Selected Services

Lifetime Warranty On Selected Services

How is it possible to have a lifetime warranty when it comes to software or system? Human technologies update rapidly, security keeps changing, future demands change and we need to adapt. So does your software or system. Time will come, and your software or system will be obsolete or ineffective to your future needs. So your investment could be wasted. To prevent the waste of your investment, we do monthly maintenance for your software/system. As long as proper maintenance is done to your software/system, it will continue to serve you the longest time possible, thus a lifetime warranty. However, we do charge a monthly maintenance fee that is reasonable and affordable. Where does this fee go? To the IT professional doing the maintenance of your software/system.


  • Your lifetime warranty is included with every service or product you sell?

    No, it only comes along with the system/software we programmed, or we created. If it is a third-party product or service, we have no warranty because we don't own it, we are only a reseller. For example, SSL products of companies like Sectigo, Comodo, DigiCert we don't offer any warranty here because we don't own this. The technical support or the warranty(if they offer it), comes with the respective product owner.

  • Is this more costly?

    No, it is cheaper, a lot cheaper. As you can see, if your system or software cost you a fortune, it will all be wasted after some time, so it means you have to buy again and it will cost you another fortune. With our Maintenance or Lifetime Warranty, you don't have to hire a separate IT professional who will maintain your software/system, thus saving you money. No monthly salary to an IT professional, which costs a lot of money too. In the long run, you save more. 

  • Why is there a 2 year warranty and a lifetime warranty?

    It depends on what you want. if you wish to buy the software or system we made for you, we can give a 2-year warranty to prove that your software/system will work the way it should, and if a bug is discovered we will fix it. The Lifetime Warranty is for the software/system that we developed and comes with a monthly fee (or annual fee) for the monthly maintenance. If you don't want monthly maintenance we can only give you a two-year warranty.

  • What are the examples of your products or services where a Lifetime Warranty is available or offered?

    The Billing or Invoice system, Inventory System, Online store, Booking system we created, website etc. as long as you pay the monthly maintenance fee. In short, if we resell any product/services we don't offer any warranty or lifetime warranty there because we don't own it, we are only a reseller. Anything we created, programmed or worked on we give warranty to prove that it will work the way it should, and to give customers peace of mind. Anything we resell will have no warranty from us. Don't worry all the products we resell are all reliable, otherwise we won't resell it. Besides, we are here to give technical support to them as long as it is within our knowledge and ability, if not we will contact the manufacturer and ask their help.

  • How are you able to provide such support and service?

    We keep learning and updating. We love what we do, so keep learning it in a deeper way. We attend seminars from other countries. We read the books or tutorials of experts from all around the world. We follow the International Organization for Standardization

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